Welcome to WSKR, We believe that if a kite is repaired properly, not only will it perform flawlessly, but you may even want to show it off to all your fellow kite boarders and spread the word on where to get your kite fixed.
We provide a complete service for all kite repairs of any kind ie: Canopys, Leading edge & Struts, Bladders, Valve / bladder replacments and Line shortning. We specialize in kitesurfing kites and have done literally Hundreds of them.
When your kite is with us for repair, we proceed with care and precision, We aim to give the fastest turn-around time in New Zealand for your kite repairs as we know that any kite boarder hates been with out there kite for two long.

Why we think our service is the best:

  • All our repairs are guaranteed under workmanship faults.
  • Fast personal service. 10 years of repair experience in New Zealand, Turkey, Egypt and South Africa.
  • UV resistant fabric and thread.
  • All our repairs are totally compliant with the natural stretch and shape of your kites.
  • Usually we can meet any deadline without extra charge.
  • Good-will and customer-oriented pricing and payment policies.
  • Most importantly, we love what we do every day and your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Our specially modified sewing machines allow us to line up to the best we can and repair rips fibre-to-fibre, Wind & Sea kite repair means zero performance loss.
Still worried? If you are unsure about the reparability of your kite, simply take a photo  showing the damage and send it to our email address (info@windandsea.co.nz) and we’ll let you know if its fixable and also a ruff price cost. 
We have never had a kite that we have not been able to fix yet.

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