Ultimate Carbon Foil

For 2018, AlpineFoil has crossed a real gap by renewing its kitefoil Ultimate. From now on, the Ultimate is different from the rest of the range thanks to an intense electric blue color which sublimates the carbon texture. The company has also chosen to perfect the already exceptional glide of this ultra high performance foil to provide even more incredible sensations. To do this, the fuselage has been completely rethought.

The AlpineFoil Ultimate kitefoil 2018 is one of the two most outstanding foils in the AlpineFoil range with Titanium. If it takes the concepts and elements of Titanium, the Ultimate has an aluminum fuselage rather than titanium, which makes it much more affordable. This is the economical version of AlpineFoil Titanium. It differs from the 5.0 Full Carbon thanks to a taller, wider mast, but with a much thinner profile, which gives it a significant gain in glide and rigidity in twisting. This foil is without equivalence in the current production of foils. Its fabulous glide is due to an extremely worked fuselage which combines the search for a perfect flow with an optimal rigidity. A greatly reduced drag compared to a 5.0 Carbon results from it. This very high performance foil is however ultra accessible and is perfect for the beginner with an XLP wing but also for the competitor who has a Race wing. The experienced FreeRide practitioner will prefer Wave wing or Sport wing.

This exceptional glide gives the feeling that the foil accelerates continuously, that it does not saturate and responds to the slightest request with a disconcerting reliability and stability. These factors generate an impressive progression for any user: everything becomes easy, and reaching 30 knots becomes almost a formality. The length of the mast (1 meter) is an ideal compromise between ease, accessibility, gone back up to the wind and navigation in every type of stretch of water, shallow or sea formed.

The all new Ultimate 2018 is a kitefoil ultra high-end but with an unbeatable value for money. It has a high quality of manufacture, a meticulous elaboration and a neat finish Made in France provided by the RTeam division. Its conception, 100% French, is the result of eleven years of development and research by AlpineFoil. Its progressive “s” shape mast has been entirely studied to get an absolutely sensational glide thanks to a great reduction of the drag, but also to get an unfailing rigidity. This rigidity is possible thanks to the use of a very high quality material: a high-resistance carbon combined with high modulus carbon fiber to make it a completely monolithic full carbon structure. The housing of the Ultimate 2018 is integrated into the mast: the carbon fiber is continuous, which brings excellent resistance, reduced drag, a low bulk, but also a much better connection stiffness (accentuated by the conical shape of the housing). Now, the Ultimate 2018 has two mounting screws for several reasons: it largely limits the risk of loss of foil, allows a recovery of efforts and increases the rigidity of all of it.

The 2018 Ultimate has a brand new revolutionary fuselage. It is now equipped with a unique anti-corrosion system in the world of foil: the sacrificial anode, which, if regularly replaced, prevents corrosion. Added to this is OAD 70 microns anodization, GIS technology and Tefgel, for even more protection. AlpineFoil rounded the rostrum for added safety and placed the drift at the top of the fuselage to avoid damaging it. Thanks to the use of machined aluminum blocks, the fuselage section is 60% thinner than that of a carbon fuselage. It has a leading edge and a draging edge for optimal laminar flow, but also karmans, to reduce the drag: the glide is greatly improved. The fuselage is relatively long, which involves maximum stability. Finally, the GIS wedging, besides improving flow, provides a customizable setting.

Finally, the Ultimate 2018 offers the possibility to choose any wing of the RTeam range without supplement. The wings are made of prepreg carbon oriented so as to meet all the requirements of flexion or torsion. They are then put under high pressure, which generates an ultra precise profile. The screws are placed in staggered order to obtain an extremely rigid fixation. Finally, the wings have the VAS system that allows optimal gliding regardless of speed or practice. The stabilizer supplied is the new RTeam stabilizer with asymmetric profile from the Race wing: this results in extraordinary stability, better control and first-class glide.