For all Leading edge or strut bladder repairs, we first off all pump up the kite to locate were the hole is located if it has not given us a big clue on where it is buy also ripping the leading edge or strut material as well. Once located we proceed to remove the bladder out of the leading edge or strut. We then look to see how much stretched materiel there is and whether or not we have to cut out the stretched bladder material which we always cut it out in a square shape. Once this is done we then open up one end of the leading edge / strut bladder and fold it in side out.
We then place a new oversized adhesive bladder patch on the inside of the bladder and we then fold the bladder back in the correct way and then place another oversized adhesive bladder patch on the out side of the bladder.
Once this is done we then run a line of glue sealant around the edge of the out side bladder patch to give extra hold and to stop the bladder patch peeling off in side the casing if the bladder moves while flying in the air.