A valve replacement we only use one trusted brand and that’s the Kitefix brand, we have tried many different self-adhesive stick on valves but non seam to stick as well as Kitefix.

We first of all remove the leading edge bladder or strut bladder from its casing.

We use our very own system of getting your old valve removed from the bladder (our system is a trade secret and only we know how it works), once we have marked in 3 places on the bladder and also on the new valve to be able to line it up in the correct place, we proceed to remove your old valve off the bladder.

Once the old valve is removed we clean the area and give the area a light sand just to make the surface ruff and a better sticking surface for when we place the new valve on, we then press with pressure around the valve to make sure there are no air bubbles trapped between both surfaces.

After letting it cure for a few hours we then proceed with a pump test and leave the kite pumped up overnight to make sure there is no air leaking from the new valve.

Valves we have in stock:
* Standard Inflate Valve 9mm 

* Standard Deflate Valve 11mm

* One Pump System Valve’s (Core, Slingshot, Airush, F-One, Naish Octopus-Male/Female, North Lazy pump, Ozone, RRD,, Cabrinha.