Titanium Carbon Foil

In 2018, AlpineFoil has completely reworked its kitefoil ultra high-end to further improve the quality of the glide. Thanks to years of research and development, the AlpineFoil Titanium 2018 has now at one’s disposal extraordinary performances.

The AlpineFoil Titanium is the most incredible foil ever designed to this date. Originally, it was developed by the founder of AlpineFoil to satisfy his personal desires. The specification was to design a foil without any compromise on materials, design, technology or performance. The founder of AlpineFoil, Damien CHABOUD, is before anything else a great child eager for new toys, but also an ultra demanding rider competitor. Being also the designer, he then worked many hours until reaching this premium version. The very first Titanium achieved a phenomenal success on the beach: it was then that Damien CHABOUD had the idea to market the product, although it was not the initial objective because of the manufacturing cost. In order to satisfy its requirements in terms of rigidity, drag reduction and therefore gliding, carbon alone was no longer suitable: the choice was then made of a titanium fuselage. This material, used in the medical, the aeronautics or in the armament, is the Rolls of the materials: it has all the due advantages except the cost. Added to carbon and patented technologies by AlpineFoil, themselves being the fruit of many years of research, titanium sublimates this incredible kitefoil.

The brand new AlpineFoil Titanium kitefoil is the most outstanding which is. Ultra high-end, it has a mast made with monolithic carbon of high quality, whose fiber is oriented extremely accurately, which is then cooked at high pressure. This highly technical production is entirely entrusted to the RTeam division because it alone possesses the necessary know-how. This revolutionary mast is incredibly innovative, since it features ACS technology, developed and patented by AlpineFoil: its “S” shape has been entirely studied for an impeccable glide and without untimely stall. Its progressive shape has also been at lenght worked to optimize each area of the mast. We thus obtain the ideal compromise between rigidity and glide. The mast is equipped with a KF-Box specially designed for the practice of the foil. As it is integrated into the mast (MCBox technology by AlpineFoil), the fiber remains continuous between the mast and the housing. This technology not only means a big drag reduction, but also a small bulk, increased connection stiffness and easy and quick mounting. To perfect the rigidity of the assembly, AlpineFoil has fitted its housing with two mounting screws, which limits the risk of losing the foil and ensures more serenity to the rider. The fuselage is made of titanium, a material completely insensitive to corrosion and fatigue, shockproof and very light, but whose incredible mechanical performance is similar to that of steel. Titanium being an isotropic material, the behavior of the fuselage remains homogeneous in front of flexion or torsion, and its cross-section could be reduced by 80% compared to that of a carbon fuselage, guaranteeing a considerable improvement of the flow. The laminar flow is also ensured by the presence of a leading edge and a trailing edge on the fuselage (FRDS technology). Also, the presence of karmans and the modification of the wedge contribute to a considerable reduction of the drag. For more safety and serenity, the drift has been refined and placed at the top of the fuselage, and the rostrum has been rounded. Finally, for unrivaled stability, the fuselage is relatively long: longer is the lever arm, more effective is the stabilizer. Finally, the Titanium 2018 can be delivered with any wing of the RTeam range, without supplement. The wings are prepreg carbon, and their fibers are oriented to perfectly meet the requirements in flexion and torsion. Being cut at the CNC, then being cooked at high pressure, their profile is ultra thin and ultra precise. For more rigidity, the screws are staggered, which completely eliminates the clearance between the wing and the fuselage. All the wings have the VAS system that allows optimal gliding regardless of speed or practice. Finally, the Titanium 2018 is delivered with a RTeam stabilizer whose profile is similar to that of the Race wing, which allows a stability and a first-rate control and a sensational glide.