Access V3

The flagship product of the AlpineFoil firm has once again been transformed into a 2018 vintage which, after 3 years of elaboration, is becoming more and more successful. New design, new possibilities and new sensations, all on the solid bases of Access and Access V2 whose success is all over the world recognized.

The beginners : Highly accessible in its standard configuration or with a short mast, AlpineFoil Access is the choice of schools and novices. Its incomparable stability, its ultra-progressive take-off still under control, its sweet behavior and its low-range start make it an easy, pleasant and reassuring foil. Its GIS by AlpineFoil wedge system, will adjust its behavior to improve the back leg support and reduce stance (leg spacing) to facilitate control on the climb. The confirmed ones: The confirmed rider will enjoy sailing with a foil running on a very wide speed range, with extremely healthy behavior and will be able, if he wants, to evolve his mount towards different practices : wave, freestyle, freeride, race, speed crossing, windfoil , paddle … thanks to the extensive range of AlpineFoil RTeam carbon fiber wings. Holds GIS by AlpineFoil will trim the foil so as to have symmetrical supports, stance medium, to improve comfort and handiness and facilitate the Airjibes. The competitors: The competitor will be able to benefit from a super-vitaminized foil at a lower cost thanks to the race wings of the RTeam range (Racefoil L, SC-Race M, SC-Race S), the same ones which propelled the not professional Riders of the Team AlpineFoil on the podiums of the French Cup Engie Kite Tour (Champions of France 2016 and winners of the 2017 French Cup). And for the most demanding competitors, Access is upgradable thanks to EvoPacks with the Access Carbon RTeam mast available in two finishes : classic and high-module. The GIS wedging by Alpinefoil will be adjusted to obtain a light front leg support, with a wide stance to gain stability at high speed.

Ten years of experience in manufacturing kitefoils and the two previous versions of Access, which have been flying hundreds in recent years all around the globe, have given us the necessary perspective to design and then commercialize the 2018 Access V3 : the most evolutionary, the most reliable and the most efficient kitefoil ever made. A neat design, an identifiable look at first glance, a high quality of workmanship and a whole series of innovations, such were our specifications for this brand new Access V3. AlpineFoil has always favored quality materials and manufacturing methods that maximize product performance while maintaining exceptional value for money. The Access, although part of the entry-level AlpineFoil, is no exception to this rule.