Kite Repairs

Kite Repairs – Contact Us for an Affordable Quote Process: At Wind & Sea Kite Repairs we make sure the area around the tear is clean and free form salt and sand due to the new ripstop material not bonding propely to the kites ripped area unless propely cleaned.
When applying the new ripstop material we make sure we line up the tear square by square and tape both sides of the canopy with ripstop nylon repair tape.
Following the taping we make a three point zig-zag stitch on both sides of the tear to keep the tape in place and add strength to the repair.
Stitched tape repairs will never tear again as the repair is very strong, and we use high quality UV resistant thread for all repairs and can use various colours of repair tapes, although white/clear is typically the best bet for minimal visual impact.
Ripped kites can be Courired / shipped, dropped off to our workshop (Time of drop off needs to be arranged).
Please contact us prior to Courired / shipping your kite to us so we know when it will be delivered and to be 100% sure we have received your kite for repairs..
Once repaired, the fixed kite can be picked up or shipped to you. If you feel that your kite might be too damaged, the material has lost its strength or your kite is too old, please let us know and we will be happy to look at other options for you via Auction websites. .