Flite Board Controler

Your ultimate co-pilot.

Flite Controller is a custom designed waterproof (IP67) handheld remote that provides intuitive control and real-time performance information to the rider.

Throttle resolution 1,000 points Magnetic actuator (hall sensor) for precise throttle control.

GPS + Bluetooth Bluetooth connectivity with integrated GPS, dual IMU (accelerometer) and data logging.

Magentic Charging No plugs to connect, just snap on the charging magnet. Magnetic On-Off Magnet in hand controller activates the board’s on-off power switch.

Cruise Control Proprietary algorithms provide launch assist, cruise control and auto shut-off functions (patent pending).

Software update & App connect A future Smartphone app will allow monitoring of Fliteboard systems.

Performance updates and new features will be accessible via software updates.

High contrast data display Sophisticated ride telemetry: Speed, distance, battery time and range, efficiency (energy per kilometer) and more.